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Privacy Policy

Are you worried about your security to use backpages? No worries, Starbackpage is a Legal Classified Site you can use undoubtedly for yourself and to affiliate as well. You can post anything here and find a job as well. attached below some of our Online Privacy Policy for This Website:

Make sure about your Post & Protection:

StarBackpage doesn't accept any scamming and more. You can use StarBackpage definitely, and You are always secure here. StarBackpage is an open place to everyone & and anyone can post anything here. But have a unique issue to protect our customers and anyone else. No scamming is permitted in StarBackpage. If anyone posts here some pictures and if someone complains or reports concerning the image or individual issues, Then we will immediately go against the article and remove it. StarBackpage is in your legal support. Use StarBackpage because you need and no worries about your Privacy!

We always ensure your all data is safe:

  1. We Never share your private data with third parties for promotion or business purposes.
  2. We participate in every cross platform marketing and connect referral programs with other sites.
  3. We always track our employee's apparatus for advertising purposes.
  4. We attempt to send you unsolicited communications for marketing purposes.

StarBackpage doesn't collect any information from persons under the age of 18. We constantly accept 18+ data only. If we can understand that a posting is by someone under the age of 18, StarBackpage will eliminate that article immediately.

StarBackpage, or people who posts on this site, They may provide the hyperlinks to third party websites, which can have different privacy practices. We aren't responsible for this, We do not have some control over the privacy policies of these third party sites. This is the most essential step to everybody to be safe to use Backpages!

Which Data we collect & Which for

  1. We collect contact information for paid postings, such as name, phone or fax number, and address for your billing purposes
  2. StarBackpage does not store credit card info. Credit card transactions are transmitted to a financial gateway, and we attempt to protect the security of your payment information during transmission by using Secure Sockets Layer technology
  3. Please do not post any personal information on classifieds posts which you expect to keep private

Which we store for?

  1. Here all of the classified ads, submissions and postings are stored in our database. Even after removing or deleting anything it may be archived elsewhere.
  2. Our powerful web logs and other records are stored indefinitely so that you can access it easily.
  3. Though we make good faith efforts to store all the information in a secure operating environment, we can not guarantee complete security, It is up to your using stage!

International Users

As visiting our website and providing us with all data, you acknowledge and agree that because of the global dimension of our site we might use the data collected in the length of our connection for those purposes identified within this policy or in our other communications with you , for instance, transmission of data out of your resident jurisdiction. Additionally, you should be aware of such data may be kept on servers located from holland. By giving us your data, you consent to this transportation of the statistics.

To update your Personal Information

If your personal information would be changed, Then you could review, correct, update those and all information will be provided at any time by sending us a message at support@starbackpage.com. You may also have your own profile data will be deleted from our database for sending us a message to support@starbackpage.com. However, when you have your personal profile data already deleted from our database, You could enter rights to areas restricted to account members and certain benefits for account members

Have any More Issues?

If you have any kind of issues and objections, then you can contact us any time, You can Email us to misuse@starbackpage.com.